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American Idol 2013: Sudden Death #2 Review

Sudden Death #2 Gents
Paul Jolley, Charlie Askew, Devin Velez, Elijah Liu, Curtis Finch, Jr.

Well they are really pushing for a female winner again this year, maybe moreso than last year. This may come true if the rest of the guys are anything like this bumbling group! A couple of the guys who made it through somewhat surprised me and one I definitely did not agree with. Alas, I don't get to sit on that panel, say ridiculous things and get paid millions of dollars to crush people's dreams so on with the show!


Paul Jolley – “Tonight I Wanna Cry” – Keith Urban
Oh Jolley! I want to like Paul, I really do. I liked his Carrie Underwood “Blown Away” performance but there is just something about him rubbing me the wrong way. I feel like he is trying to be a country singer but really wants to belt out some Broadway number. He has a good voice but his performance of the Keith song just seemed so contrived and forced. I think if he just picks a song and lets loose instead of trying to stage it so much, he will do much better. People didn’t understand the tie breaker that put Paul through, and while it is a little iffy, they were just stuck about what to do with him, I guess.

Johnny Keyser – “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz
Whether it is my love of this song or something else, I don’t think Johnny did a bad job. I remember him from last season but I don’t remember anything specific he did or liking him. I just remember that ladies liked him and were unhappy about his elimination and that despite his female following he didn’t get voted on (boo Gentle Giant!). Well the Johnny lovers are going to be pissed again because they cut him again! If I was Johnny I’d just go try out for XFactor or the Voice. I think that Johnny was way better than at least one or two of the guys who made it to the Top 20 and I think they unfairly ousted him. He did not look happy and I cannot blame him. He had a fine vocal and while the performance wasn’t all in your face, it was good for the type of song. I think he really got screwed.

JDA – “Rumor Has It” – Adele
The performance was over the top and the vocals were sub-par. I wasn’t impressed but I am glad that everyone else got a kick out of it. Just seemed like it was all for attention and not really about singing. Not surprised he didn’t get through.

Kevin Harris – “Everything I Do” – Bryan Adams
I don’t know why everyone has gave Kevin a hard time saying he is boring and yada yada. He was singing a ballad, what do you want him to do? Cartwheels? High kicks? Toe touches? It is a ballad! He sang it well. I am not sure why he didn’t make it over Elijah but then again Johnny didn’t either. So apparently singing well doesn’t matter anymore.

Christ Watson – “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” – Ottis Redding
Well Christ Watson is a different character, let me tell ya. I actually was quite digging his style and his hair etc but he was just trying to do way too much with such a classic song. He should have come out and done a more edgy upbeat tune. I thought he might have a slight chance to make it through but his dream along with everyone else’s went down the drain when they put Elijah through.

Devin Velez – “Listen” – Beyonce
I think Devin is one of the better guys this season. I am not jumping for joy over him but I think he has solid vocals and has a lot of potential (Randy’s favorite thing to say). I think his Top 20 spot was well earned.

Elijah Liu – “Talking to the Moon” – Bruno Mars
Really? I cannot believe the judges fussed over him the way they did and then sent him into the Top 20 over much more talented contestants such as Johnny Keyser and Kevin Harris. Elijah’s vocals were horrible and he completely butchered that Bruno Mars song. I have no idea what would ever possess someone with a voice that sounds like a prepubescent mouse to sing a Bruno song. I was so disturbed the judges liked him as much as they did and that they actually let him into the Top 20. This is going to be Sanjaya 2.0.

Charlie Askew – “Rocket Man” – Elton John
Charlie is an odd duck but I kinda like it. I don’t think he performance or vocal were great but I don’t think they were terrible either. They were certainly better than Elijah Liu. He was entertaining and has a couple of nice moments. I am interested to see what he will do next so that makes him more fit for the Top 20 than some we’ve seen.

Jimmy Smith – “Raining on Sunday” – Radney Foster/Keith Urban
I was disappointed majorly with this one. I expected a lot better out of this guy based on his audition alone. He looked horrible with his Oompa Loompa tan and awful hairdo and his vocals were okay but severely lacking in charisma. He was boring as all get out. I was expecting more from him so this was a letdown and had I not heard his performance I would have been shocked he didn’t make it but after watching that, I’m not so surprised.

Curtis Finch, Jr. – “Superstar” – Luther Vandross version
Well I love this song and I know Curtis can sing but his smugness really takes away from that. However, I did enjoy this and he hit a few sweet spots that I really enjoyed. He’s no Joshua Ledet of course as Joshua’s emotional runs and yelps were all natural while Curtis’ are so planned and thought out. Still, he is a good singer, easily the best of the bunch so he deserved to make it to the Top 20 and I found it hilarious when Nicki called him out on his nervous act and said “You know damn well you’re going through!”.

1.       Johnny Keyser shouldn’t come back because they have messed with him enough.
2.       Elij Liu is horrible.
3.       Jimmy Smith and Snooki must tan the same place.
4.       I liked Chris Watson’s hair.
5.       Devin Velez looks like he needs his hair died.

Going Through:
1.       Paul Jolley
2.       Devin Velez
3.       Elijah Liu
4.       Charlie Askew
5.       Curtis Finch, Jr.

1.       Johnny Keyser
2.       JDA
3.       Kevin Harris
4.       Chris Watson
5.       Jimmy Smith



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