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American Idol 2013: Sudden Death #4 Review

Sudden Death #2 Gents
Vincent Powell, Lazara Arbos, Cortez Shaw, Nick Boddington, Burnell Taylor

Guys guys guys! I was looking forward to this group of gents because I am a big Nick Boddington fan and I was also looking forward to hearing Mathenee Treco and Burnell Taylor. I ended up falling head over heels for David Oliver Willis. 


Mathenee Treco – “A Little Less Conversation” – Elvis Presley
I was really looking forward to seeing Mathenee based on his Hollywood performances but he kind of let me down on this one. I am a huge Elvis fan and I wanted to be a Mathenee fan but it just wasn’t a good combination. I liked that he did a more upbeat song and tried to have fun with it. I wasn’t really shocked that he didn’t make it to the Top 20 but I was kinda let down.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin – “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” – James Morrison
I wasn’t ever a big Gurpreet fan because even though we have a had a lot of guitar wielding folks on this show, they have all been a lot better vocally than Gurpreet. I just thought he was a bit gimmicky to begin with and when you take away the guitar it just gets worse. He definitely deserved the boot.

Vincent Powell – “Cause I Love You” – Lenny Williams
Vincent looks old to me. I really enjoy his singing though. He has a great voice, easily one of the best in the contest but I think he is going to have to get a lot more modern and current if he wants to win fans over. I wasn’t surprised when he breezed through to the next round.

Nick Boddington – “Say Something Now” – James Morrison
What is with the James Morrison songs? He isn’t even that popular. I don’t understand. I was so looking forward to hearing Nick sing. I had him pegged as one of my favorites as I remembered him from last season and he did great in Hollywood this time around. I think it was a horrible song choice and I am really actually surprised that the judges picked him over some others. I would have been disappointed if he would have been eliminated but I would have rather seen David Willis make it instead to be quite honest.

Josh Holiday – “I’m Better With  You” – Original Song
So you know how Angie Miller did her original song in Hollywood and it was amazing. This Josh Holiday song was kind of like that except horrible and not amazing at all. The song was pretty blah and he didn’t even sing his own song very well. There is a time and place for singing original tunes but this wasn’t it.

David Willis – “Fever” – Michael Buble version I guess
So I didn’t remember David at all from previous rounds but after hearing his performance of Fever, he easily became my favorite guy this season and then BAM he was gone in a flash. I do not understand at all how the judges could put people like Elijah Lui and Lazara Arbos into the Top 20 and cut someone with so much talent and potential like David. He had a practically flawless performance and they made him hit the road. I hope he comes back next season.

Bryant Tadeo – “New York State of Mind” – Billy Joel
While boring, I must admit Bryant was a one of the better guy vocalists of the night, maybe of both guys sudden death rounds. I wasn’t surprised that he was cut, but I think he deserved to make it.

Burnell Taylor – “This Time” – John Legend
Burnell didn’t impress me “this time”. I remember his initial audition which I enjoyed and I hoped that he would really make an impact on me, but tonight he just was middle of the pack in my opinion and I don’t remember much about it other than he made it through to the next round.

Lazaro Arbos – “Tonight I Wanna Cry” – Keith Urban
Why did Lazara sing a country song, for one? And also I feel bad for the kid and yes I think he is pretty inspirational but he just isn’t that good. Maybe he isn’t the worse, because well we all know that is Elijah Liu, but he definitely was not better than David Willis or Bryant Tadeo or even Johnny Keyser for that matter.

Cortez Shaw – “Titanium” – David Guetta ft. Sia
Cortez wasn’t the best and Cortez wasn’t the worst. I really didn’t have much of an opinion about him. I heard some good notes but the beginning was really high and almost squeaky. I was trying to decide who was going to get eliminated at this point so I probably could have paid more attention.

1.       The guys pretty much are a letdown this season because producer’s want a female winner.
2.       David Willis was robbed and I am going to be annoyed all season now.
3.       I feel bad for Lazaro but more in the way that I’d like to go let him sell me icecream at his shop than win this show.
4.       I like Burnell’s outfit.
5.       Nick Boddington reminds me of a weird mashup between Phil Stacey and someone else, I can’t put my finger on.

Going Through:
1.       Vincent Powell
2.       Nick Boddington
3.       Burnell Taylor
4.       Lazaro Arbos
5.       Cortez Shaw

1.       Mathenee Treco
2.       Gurpreet Singh Sarin
3.       Josh Holiday
4.       David Willis
5.       Bryant Tadeo



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