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American Idol 2013: Sudden Death #1 Review

Sudden Death #1 Ladies
Tenna Torres, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Adriana Latonio, Angela Miller

So I missed a ton of the audition and Hollywood performances due to a busy scheduled but I am getting a little tired of Idol's dramatic intros and horrific auditions anyway. But I did make sure to tune into the new Sudden Death rounds that Idol has added this season. 

So far there have been few standouts to me, but the ones that are, are pretty damn good. So on with the show. 


Jenny Beth Willis – “Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love” – Trisha Yearwood
I like the fact that Jenny tried to do an upbeat song rather than a boring ballad just to show off her voice. I was not a fan of the dress and I hate to admit that anyone on the panel of judges was right, but Randy hit the nail on the head when he said that she was off the beat the entire time. She never was right on the music which distracted me and probably her as well. Her outfit was not fitting of her performance and song choice at all. I am not surprised she didn’t make it.

Tenna Torres – “Soulmate” – Natasha Beddingfield
I am not a Tenna fan from the ridiculous spelling of her name to her hair (either way she wears it) to her nasally, chipmunk singing. I love Natasha Beddingfield and I know this song and I didn’t even recognize it at first because I was so distracted by Tenna’s hair and facial expressions. I did not enjoy this at all and I do not think she deserved to make it over a couple of the other girls. I feel like she was over hyped and not vocally deserving of her Top 20 spot.

Adriana Latonio – “Ain’t No Way” – Aretha Franklin
I really thought that Adriana did a solid job. Her voice really surprised me. I definitely didn’t expect her to have such a soulful and controlled voice. I wasn’t familiar with this particular Aretha song but from what I heard she did a fine job and I think her spot in the Top 20 was deserved. I don’t think she was super memorable though which could cause issues in the future.

Brandy Hotard – “I Don’t Love You Anymore” – Travis Tritt
I loved Brandy’s song choice and I wanted to like Brandy but Nicki was right on the mark when she said that it was a “pageant performance”. She definitely did not connect with the song. There is no reason to be smiling and doing pageanty stage moves when you are singing a sad song about heartbreak. Brandy is a pretty girl with an okay voice but nothing spectacular. I agree with the decision not to put her through.

Shubba Vedula – “Born This Way” – Lady Gaga
This is the only choice that I can say I disagree with. I feel like Shubba should have been in the Top 20 over Tenna. Shubba did have some weird stiff dance moves but her vocals were good throughout the entire song. I do think she tried to cram a lot of variety into a 90 second performance but she was trying to give us a glimpse of all sides of her in that short last-ditch effort to make the live shows. I really wish the judges would have given her another chance. I heard something in her voice that was refreshing and I think her willingness to take a risk, while turning out to be her downfall this time, would have been interesting to see later on. Maybe next year.

Kamaria Ousley – “Mr. Know It All” – Kelly Clarkson
Oh boy. I don’t even know where to begin with this girl. I can’t complain about her as much as Tenna because Ms. Ousley didn’t make it, and rightfully so. This performance and vocal (and outfit) was a disaster! Kamaria looked uncomfortable in her hideous attire and her vocal was all over the place. It was just a mess. There was no way she was getting in the Top 20 after that.

Kree Harrison – “Up to the Mountain” – Patty Griffith
For the first time in many a year on Idol, I am thinking my favorite is going to be a lady. Kree Harrison is everything I would look for in a female Idol winner. She has an amazing voice and the laidback vibe and comfortabiity of being who she is, is refreshing and not irritating like Phillip Phillips resistance to all things trendy or non-grey. Kree delivered a solid performance and for me (for you for me) was the standout performance and vocal of the night.

Angela Miller – “Nobody’s Perfect” – Jessie J
This is odd because I missed the Hollywood episode where Angela performed her original song. I watched that performance after the judges raved about it while ignoring her solid rendition of a Jessie J song (I am a Jessie J fan). I understand why they were so mesmerized with her original song though. The performance was great and the vocal was perfect and the song was really good as well. I could hear that being played on the radio. That being said, once I watched that performance, I too like the judges couldn’t really focus on her Jessie J song. I can’t remember much about it all because her original tune is stuck in my head. Angela does have a good voice and a likeability about her that makes me want to see her go far. Definitely deserved of a Top 20 spot.

Isabelle – “God Bless the Child”
I hate it when people won’t use their last name. It is just ridiculous. Isabelle’s “touching” story didn’t win me over because watching her intro package and her performance just didn’t mesh for me. Watching her on stage reminded me of Sophie from 2 Broke Girls. Her dress was ill-fitting in my opinion and she just looks very fake which is unpleasant for me to watch. Her vocal was okay but I’ve heard way better this season and previous ones, so it didn’t bother me when she got cut.

Amber Holcomb – “My Funny Valentine”
Where did Amber come from is the question everyone is asking. Not sure either. I don’t remember her from last year. She did a really good job on this song and had a solid delivery. I wasn’t so impressed with her appearance like the judges and critics online were, commenting on how beautiful she is etc. I thought she could use some work in the style department actually. I think with a good upbeat or current song, Amber will do just fine.

1.       Kree Harrison is amazing.
2.       Angela Miller reminds me of Colton Dixon (via her original tune).
3.       Shubba was robbed.
4.       Tenna is going to irritate me for as long as she may last on this season.
5.       Nicki Minaj can actually make sense some time.

Going Through:
1.       Tenna Torres
2.       Adriana Latonio
3.       Kree Harrison
4.       Angela Miller
5.       Amber Holcomb

1.       Jenny Beth Willis
2.       Brandy Hotard
3.       Shubba Vedula
4.       Kamaria Ousley
5.       Isabelle InsertLastNameHere



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